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Our Beliefs

  • The Bible (both the Old and New Testaments) is the inspired and authoritative Word of God. It is sufficient for all matters of doctrine, faith, and practice.

  • Man, the universe, and all things in the universe were created by the direct act of God in six literal days.

  • Man is a sinner and under the condemnation of sin. Man is needful of salvation and regeneration.

  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He is God Himself. He was born of a virgin, lived on earth, was crucified, and rose from the grave on the third day.

  • The Godhead is a Trinity consisting of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

  • Salvation is by grace through faith without any works or merit of our own. Our justification and forgiveness of sin is through the vicarious atonement of Jesus Christ by the shedding of His blood upon the cross. Our righteousness is the imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ.

  • The Holy Spirit dwells within the believer.

  • We are expecting the imminent, visible, pre-millennial return of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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